injection molding machines

Engineering and Injection Molding Services

Engineering Services

The Craftech Group offers 50 injection molding machines ranging from 12-720 tons. We utilize a wide range of engineering materials in a broad spectrum of injection molding applications, which include IMD, insert molding and overmolding.

Our diverse capabilities allow us to take projects of all sizes and consolidate processes. We develop and implement custom inline processes that assure the integrity of part and assembly specifications.

  • UV bonding
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma black-belt-certified project management
  • White Room molding environment
    • Class 100,000 clean room
  • Cable and insert overmolding

Robotics and automation enable consistent production cycles and maximized machine efficiencies. The Craftech Group also utilizes automated testing and vision inspection capabilities.


Value Added Services

For value-added solutions, trust The Craftech Group to meet specific client requirements. We offer a wide variety of secondary operations - all managed by Craftech and transparent to you.

  • UV bonding
  • sonic welding
  • laser degating
  • painting
  • shielding
  • decorating
  • assembly processes
    • Class 10,000 clean room for medical packaging and assembly
    • Cable harnesses
  • packaging solutions


Craftech’s commitment to quality through innovation and discipline delivers proven results. Our quality standards are executed through a systems approach, focusing on the customer and driven by continual improvement.

Using the ISO 9001 quality management system, The Craftech Group improves product and service consistency, productivity and efficiency, and lowers quality costs – increasing our competitive advantage.