Mold Making

Mold making is a general term that describes the activities involved in producing a pattern (mold) which can used mulitple times to produce identical components. A mold in its most simplistic state consists of two halves that include a cavity on one side (A-Side) and a core on the other (B-Side). When the two halves are closed they leave a void that can be filled with an infinite number of materials to form the desired end product.

Injection molds are used to process different base material groups. These groups break down into sub catagories which include thousands of potential materials:

  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Metals
  • Ceramics

Once you determine what your material of choice is then you will need to figure out what is the best method for producing a mold to make your product. 

Craftech Corporation has been making molds for more than 35 years. We also excell in molding and many of the value added processes that go hand in hand with mold making. Let us answer your mold making questions by filling out a quick information template at contact us.

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