Craftech Corporation has formed alliances with some key offshore tooling and mold making companies. These alliances have proved to be key to the success that Craftech enjoys today. We can leverage these relationships and save our clients time and money in most cases. Craftech has already gone through the "school of hard knocks" when it comes to breaking down the communication and other barriers that are not typically thought through when companies make a decision to go offshore.

Craftech has forged its alliances over the past 15 plus years. Through these years we have seen a vast improvement in mold making standards, steel types and other mold making components used to construct injection molds. With over 150 years of injection moldmaking experience in house Craftech has helped guide and train these resources which can now be leveraged by our clients.

There are still molds that should not be built offshore but the majority of them can and are today. Craftech still builds molds in house as well, staying true to its roots and the people who founded the company 30 years ago.