Pad printing is a simple way to add a logo, directions, designators or other identifiers to plastic parts. At Craftech our engineering staff has a wealth of knowlege based on practical experience in Pad Printing. This is one of many value added services that we offer our client base. We have ~30 Pad Printing machines in all shapes and sizes so we are ready to tackle your pad printing needs whether they are a simple arrow or comlplex multi colored artwork that sets you apart from the competition.

Pad printing allows new designing possibilities for engineers and designers; as a result, the products are becoming more attractive and functional. Today, pad printing has reached a technically advanced state and the range is quite diversified.

If you have a project which couples injection molding plastic parts and pad printing Craftech Corporation is ready to be your trusted advisor to accomplish your goals at a minimal cost while giving you highest and best quality.

 Here are some links to more good information regarding Pad Printing.