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Design & Process Engineering by Craftech



  • Consultative engineering services

  • Up-front supplier engagement

  • Concurrent design reviews and part-design refinement

  • Advanced computer aided analysis tools

With an experienced team of engineers and program managers, we can tackle projects of all sizes and complexity. Working with your team, Craftech provides early supplier involvement and management of all phases of development to help ensure a successful, on-time product launch.



SolidWorks     is a powerful tool used to create the part you need as well as design the mold to manufacture it.

Craftech utilizes this and other simulation and analysis software packages to help guide you through the design for manufacturing (DFM) stages.

If you have a part that requires optimization we are here to make sure you get exactly what you need.

We combine our superior engineering team together with our plastic injection molding team to deliver consistently high-quality products and services on time every time.


Design & Process Engineering
Designed & Engineered Mold by Craftech

Please contact us so we can help you streamline your engineering efforts and compress your development timelines. 


At Craftech we understand how important Process Engineering is to the success of our company. For this reason we put our Process Engineering team through a comprehensive training program that teaches the fundamentals of scientific molding and processing. Using these fundamental, time-tested techniques combined with Nautilus Software       allows us to establish processing windows within which we are confident we will produce quality parts for our clients.

Using scientific molding allows us to maximize throughput and significantly reduces any potential break in supply continuity as often happens when the process is "out of control".

We take pride in delivering consistently high-quality products and services, on time, to our clients. Capable Process Engineering is but one very important aspect of making this happen. If you would like to know more about our Process Engineering training program or how Craftech can help you get quality plastic Injection molded parts on time every time please contact us.


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