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Plastic ID Chart
Plastic ID Chart
Craftech Engineering
Design 2 Part Article Featuring Craftech
General Information
Design Guide For Bonding Plastics
Loctite Guide for Adhesive Bonding of Plastics
Part Design- Secondary Op's
GLS Ovelmold Design Guide
Helpful Information on Overmolding
Part Design
ISO 5356-1 Conical Fittings
Standard for Anaesthetic and Respiratory Fittings
ISO Standard
ISO 10993-1
Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices
ISO Standard
Part Design for Ultrasonic Welding
Basics on Design for Ultrasonic Welding
Part Design- Secondary Op's
PKG Testing Under 150 lbs
FedEx Testing Procedures for Packaging
Plastic ID Chart
Guide to Identifying Plastics and Elastomers
Materials- Reference
SABIC Elcrin iQ Protfolio
Post Consumer PET into Elcrin iQ resins
Scientific Molding - 6 Step Study
FimmTech's 6 Steps to Developing a Robust Process
Snap Fit Joints for Plastics
Helpful Information on Designing Snap Fits
Part Design
SPI Cosmetic Specification
Cosmetic Inspection and Acceptance Criteria
Quality & Workmanship
SPI Mold Specifications
Guide to SPI Mold Classes
Standards and Practices for Molders
Commercial and Administrative Practices for Molders
5 Pillars and 3 Consistencies
FimmTech's Guide to Achieving Consistent Part Quality
UL 94 Flame Rating
Giude to UL's Flame Ratings and Testing Procedures
Materials- Reference
Yellow Card Brochure
Yellow Card Overview Including How to Read
Materials- Reference
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