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Craftech's mission is to satisfy our customer’s need for responsive service and defect-free, quality products while maintaining the effectiveness of our management system. Through teamwork and continuous improvement Craftech will strive to be a profitable, growth-oriented company that treats its customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders with respect and care. 


Craftech’s commitment to quality through innovation and discipline delivers proven results. Our quality standards are executed through a systematic approach focusing on the client and driven by continuous improvement.


Using the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management systems, Craftech improves product and service consistency, productivity and efficiency, and maintains consistently high quality - increasing our competitive edge. 

Craftech is also UL registered. Learn more about UL Yellow Cards and how to read them click here

A flawless product launch is more than just a part or assembly that meets specification. 

Every project starts off with an all-encompassing kick off meeting where our cross functional team discusses expectations, timelines, qualification and other requirements to ensure the success of the project from initial project scope all the way through generating production parts on the manufacturing floor. 

The meeting concludes with the assignment of a risk score and an action item list Craftech program managers take back to client teams for review and consideration. This up-front collaborative effort is an integral part of the Craftech Process and one that allows us to deliver proven results.   

ISO 13485_2016
ISO 9001_2015


Craftech Process
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