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Solar Industry


A global solar energy leader, involved in integrated solar silicon wafer and solar cell module production - the most widely applied technology in the solar energy industry.


The client utilized a standard OEM junction box, which increasingly failed to meet the requirements of advancing technology. To maintain leadership status and be first-to-market with an alternative solution, the client redesigned the junction box to its own specifications.

The junction box, which protects the solar cells against damage when the panel is only partially illuminated by sunshine, must pass North American UL certification and European CE marking as well as environmental testing. Craftech was selected as the supplier to research suitable materials and design the manufactured par

t to conform to the client's automated assembly process.


Craftech collaborated with client engineers to manufacture a plastic junction box with demanding specifications. The manufactured part must withstand environmental stresses, including temperature fluctuations ranging well below and above 0 F, repelling both moisture and dust. Additionally, the selected resin must have anti-UV light strength, with a life expectancy of 25 years and meet industry safety codes and standards.

Until a merger that redirected the client's focus, Craftech ran over 1 million assemblies over 24 months. This global leader realized approximately $500,000 over the life of the project through Craftech's implementation of Lean Manufacturing protocols.


Long before the current trend toward environmental awareness and conservation, projects such as the junction box helped position this client as one of the early leaders in the solar energy industry.


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