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Bar Code Scanner

Case Studies

Bar Code Scanner


A global leader in mobile data management systems and services with innovative customer solutions based on wireless local area networking for voice and data, application-specific mobile computing and bar code data capture.


The United States Postal Service (USPS) contracted with this global leader to equip all the nation's mail carriers with mobile computers to track the delivery of Express Mail, Priority Mail, parcels and accountable mail such as certified, C.O.D. and registered. It was the largest contract in this industry leader's history.

Craftech Corporation was selected as the supplier to produce over 300,000 mobile-computer housing assemblies within a very aggressive production schedule.


The global leader imposed stringent performance metrics to meet USPS deadlines. Craftech coordinated a logistically complex ramp-up effort to meet production and quality deadlines.

Many production efficiencies were designed and implemented to provide cost-reduction savings and meet the aggressive production schedule.


More than 35,000 post offices, including major cities and small towns, throughout the U.S., began using industry leading hand-held computers to scan and collect important delivery confirmation information - including date and delivery time - from the mail in more than 40 countries.

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