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Hand Held Devices

Case Studies

Hand Held Devices


A global communications leader, driving seamless mobility and revolutionizing broadband, embedded systems and wireless networks that bring cutting-edge technologies into everyday life.


Computing has become increasingly mobile, with equipment typically located and used at the point of activity. The industry is increasingly challenged to build new mobile computer designs to meet the needs of the new breed of business-computing user: demanding high levels of performance in varied, sometimes harsh environments and requiring 24/7 access to information in real time.

Craftech Corporation was selected as the supplier to engineer and manufacture this groundbreaking multiple patent-holding device.


The global leader imposed stringent engineering and metrics to meet critical drop specs (which measure the unit's ability to withstand repeated drops on hard surfaces like concrete without damaging the device) and delivery deadlines. Craftech engineers worked closely with client engineers in the development and build of prototype tooling to ensure flawless design execution.

The unique and original design presented intricate engineering and manufacturing challenges, which demonstrated the client's faith in Craftech's reputation and capabilities.

The interlocking torque-cell design and tuned rubber bumpers distribute stress points; the top housing slides and locks into the bottom housing; insert molding, a technique used to add parts to a tool while molding the plastics, resulted in a very reliably sealed unit with less likelihood to succumb to environmental influences such as moisture or dust.

To-date Craftech has run over 1 million units within a very aggressive production schedule.


The rugged handheld mobile computer empowers employees who require instant access to information to make the right decisions when time and accuracy matter. With personal, local and wide area networking capabilities, the device offers always-on connectivity to host systems for field technicians, route sales drivers, law enforcement officers and other on-the-move employees, so they respond rapidly and appropriately to any situation.

Because of the modular design and rugged durability, the product remains today this client's number one revenue generator.

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